VSA Title 22 Chapter 3, 67 (a):
The General Assembly declares it to be the policy of the State of Vermont that free public libraries are essential to the general enlightenment of citizens in a democracy and that every citizen of the State of Vermont should have access to the educational , cultural, recreational, informational, and research benefits of a free public library.


  • Heidi Albright (Clerk) 485-8428; blackwolfe@mac.com (elected in 2019)
  • Jeanne Beckwith (Vice Chair) 485-5636; rialto@tds.net (elected in 2019)
  • Ed Carney 485-8979; carney@tds.net (elected in 2019)
  • Carl Ellis (Treasurer) 485-5118; megellis1@tds.net (elected in 2018)
  • Jane Pincus (Chair) 485-8427; aggiesmee@tds.net (elected in 2017)


  • Boo Smith
  • Caitlyn Santi
  • Carol Edwards
  • Hannah Zajac
  • Joan Leary