Trustees Meeting Minutes — Sept 9, 2014

TRUSTEES MEETING ROXBURY FREE LIBRARY, September 9, 2014 Present: Elizabeth Carney. Sandra Carrillo, Carl Ellis, Jane Pincus, Donald Breivogel-Williams, Ryan Zajac       Community: Tawnya Kristen, GMTA, and  Kim Livillera, Roxbury Planning Commission Draft Minutes, Budget and Librarian’s Reports A motion was made by Carl Ellis to accept the following agenda items – draft minutes, treasurer’s report, […]

Trustees Meeting Minutes — Aug 12, 2014

ROXBURY FREE LIBRARY, Board of Trustees, Meeting Minutes, August 12, 2014 Present: Carl Ellis, Elizabeth Carney, Sandra Carillo, Jane Pincus, Ryan Zajac – Library director.                    Absent: Don Breivogel-Williams Meeting convened at 5:25 pm. The Arts Bus Guest Presentation and Discussion of Robert’s Rules of Order will be rescheduled. CONSENT AGENDA: July 8, 2014 Minutes (amended with […]

Trustees Meeting Minutes, July 8th, 2014

ROXBURY FREE LIIBRARY, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, July 8th, 2014 Present:  Elizabeth Carney, Don Breivogel-Williams, Jane Pincus, Ryan Zajac (Library Director)                                             Absent:   Carl Ellis, Sandra Carrillo Meeting convened at 5:25 pm. Added to Agenda:   Approve minutes of 6/15 and 6/25, 2014.  Also a brief discussion of the July 3th event. Approval of July 16th […]

Special Meeting of the Library Trustees – Minutes – June 25, 2014

SPECIAL MEETING OF LIBRARY TRUSTEES 5 pm, June 25, 2014 Present: Elizabeth Carney, Carl Ellis, Jane Pincus, Don Breivogel-Williams, Ryan Zajac, Library Director #1: Posting of announcements for Library meetings & for subsequent meeting minutes. In order to comply with the new posting rules which come into effect July 1st, 2014, the Trustees, after a considered discussion, decided […]

Trustees Meeting Minutes, June 10th, 2014

ROXBURY FREE LIBRARY Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, June 10th, 2014 Present: Elizabeth Carney, Donald Breivogel-Williams, Carl Ellis, Jane Pincus, Ryan Zajac Absent: Sandra Carrillo Minutes were accepted as written. Treasurer’s Report, accepted as offered. Library Director’s Report: See attached. Upcoming Appreciation Luncheon for Volunteers: Ryan, appetizers; Betty dessert, salads; Don, drinks; Jane, main dish; Carl, stir […]