Agenda Packet

Minutes [approved]


Roxbury Free Library

Board of Trustees’ Meeting

January 9, 2018 at 18:00

1.0 Call to order
2.0 Additions/Postponements of Agenda Items
3.0 Review and approval of minutes of 11/14/2017 and 12/19/2017 meetings
3.1 Review of Treasurer’s report
3.2 Library Director’s report
4.0 Additions to agenda
5.0 Audience
6.0 Old Business
6.1 Review and approve proposed FY19 operating budget
6.2 Discuss Annual appeal responses and determine who will send tax receipts.
7.0 New Business
7.1 Discussion and action of staggering board terms, board seats up for election, and Andre Souligny’s resignation.
7.2 RFL staff’s request to use Eckfeldt Collection funds
7.3 Submit warning for Town Meeting 2018
7.4 Discuss the RFL’s “unclaimed property” status
8.0 Future Meetings
8.1 2/13/2018 next regular board meeting
9.0 Adjournment