Meeting 07/14/2020

Roxbury Free Library

Board of Trustees’ Meeting

July 14, 2020 at 17:30

*Vermont is currently under a State of Emergency and Governor Scott has instituted a Stay at Home order. The public is invited to participate in and view this board meeting from their homes. Should the public wish to participate in Public Comment, please do the following:

Familiarize yourself with the Free Conference Call Platform via a phone.

Join the Conference Call: 1-978-990-5290
Meeting Access Code: 7351812

The chairperson will open the Public Comment period per the agenda below. Unmute yourself, state your full name, and then proceed to state your comment. *Please note the meeting will operate as normal, holding Public Comment to the period indicated in the agenda below and as established by the chairperson.

After the Public Comment period has ended you may continue to remain in the conference call for the duration of the meeting – please mute yourself.


1.0 Call to order
2.0 Additions/Postponements of Agenda Items
3.0 Consent Agenda
3.1 Review of minutes of 06/09/2020, 06/23/2020 meetings
3.2 Review of Treasurer’s report and end of FY20 report
3.3 Review of Library Director’s report
4.0 Additions to agenda
5.0 Audience
6.0 Old Business
6.1 COVID-19 RFL review and discussion on decisions related to operating the RFL during the COVID-19 pandemic.
7.0 New Business
7.1 Review BYLA-003
8.0 Future Meetings
8.1 08/11/2020 next regular board meeting
9.0 Adjournment