Roxbury Free Library

Board of Trustees’ Meeting

June11, 2019 at 17:30


1.0 Call to order
2.0 Additions/Postponements of Agenda Items
2.1Additions/Postponements of Agenda Items
3.0 Consent Agenda
3.1 Review of minutes of 04/09/2019 and 05/14/2019 meetings
3.2 Review of Treasurer’s report
3.3 Review of Library Director’s report
4.0 Additions to agenda
5.0 Audience
6.0 Old Business
6.1 Schedule board retreat date and agenda
6.2Update on discussions with Planning Commission
7.0 New Business
7.1 Prepare for bake sale on 4th of July
7.2Discuss accessibility of board contact information
7.3Executive session for a personnel matter
8.0 Future Meetings
8.1 7/9/2019 next regular board meeting
9.0 Adjournment