Trustees Meeting Minutes — Aug 12, 2014

ROXBURY FREE LIBRARY, Board of Trustees, Meeting Minutes, August 12, 2014

Present: Carl Ellis, Elizabeth Carney, Sandra Carillo, Jane Pincus, Ryan Zajac – Library director.                    Absent: Don Breivogel-Williams

Meeting convened at 5:25 pm.

The Arts Bus Guest Presentation and Discussion of Robert’s Rules of Order will be rescheduled.

CONSENT AGENDA: July 8, 2014 Minutes (amended with added apostrophe), Treasurer’s Report (Carl will come up with a firm numbers for the Rollover) and Library Director’s Report all reviewed, approved and accepted.  .



Anne Schaller’s proposed Library Logo drafts were reviewed, with no firm decision. We will need further discussion as to color and design.

Mission statement draft, after discussion, unanimously accepted as amended: Our mission is to develop and nourish the spirit and imagination of all persons in our community. To achieve this mission we will provide free access to the services and information you seek. We will strive to keep our library relevant to the Roxbury Community under the vision of enhancing our community and its place in the world.

Revised Trustees’ Monthly Calendar reviewed and accepted unanimously.

Remaining Sale Books: Betty suggested asking the Select Board for permanent storage space in the Community Center. We will also contact other libraries and look into online selling.


NEW BUSINESS                                                                                            

Review of Personnel Policy tabled. The existing one needs updating, and will be rewritten (Betty and Ryan) and a new draft will be sent around for review.

Trustee Responsibilities will need to be updated for our use. In the meantime the 2010 online version (fifth edition) from the State Department of Libraries is available for current policy content.

Posting of Agendas: Agendas will be posted online, and in the community, at the Town Offices, the Post Office and the Library.


Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.