New Books

Below are the latest additions to our ever expanding collection. Each month, the RFL orders new releases and old favorites.

New Books at the Roxbury Free Library


Children of blood and bone /Adeyemi, Tomi
The red lotus :Bohjalian, Chris,
Origami paper airplanes /Boursin, Didier.
Drowned city :Brown, Don,
The wild robot escapes /Brown, Peter,
Amistad rising :Chambers, Veronica.
American dirt /Cummins, Jeanine,
The night watchman :Erdrich, Louise
The house of the scorpion /Farmer, Nancy,
Making masks /Frank, Vivien.
City of girls /Gilbert, Elizabeth,
TeammatesGolenbock, Peter,
Alienology :Gray, Allen.
America before :Hancock, Graham,
Head in the clouds /Hanlon, Abby
Gulliver in Lilliput /Hodges, Margaret,
Sophie skates /Isadora, Rachel.
The dollar kids /Jacobson, Jennifer,
The Loch Ness monster and other lake mysteries /Jeffrey, Gary.
Paper airplanes :Kelly, Emery J
Writers & lovers :King, Lily
If it bleeds :King, Stephen,
Wrecking ball /Kinney, Jeff
Diary of a wimpy kid :Kinney, Jeff,
Dr. Seuss :Klimo, Kate,
Attack of the furball :Krosoczka, Jarrett
The principal strikes back /Krosoczka, Jarrett,
Star Wars Jedi Academy.Krosoczka, Jarrett.
The librarian who measured the earthLasky, Kathryn.
Toad to a nightingale :Leithauser, Brad.
City :Macaulay, David.
You say it firstMallery, Susan
Not quite over you /Mallery, Susan,
Why not tonight /Mallery, Susan,
Meant to be yours /Mallery, Susan,
The glass hotel :Mandel, Emily St. John,
PiratesMaynard, Christopher
Deacon King Kong /McBride, James,
ApeirogonMcCann, Colum,
Gifts kids can make /McGraw, Sheila.
Vampire Academy /Mead, Richelle.
Last sacrifice /Mead, Richelle.
Spirit boundMead, Richelle.
Blood promise :Mead, Richelle.
Buffalo gals :Miller, Brandon Marie.
Favorite Norse myths /Osborne, Mary Pope.
Ricky Ricotta’s mighty robot vs. the video vultures from Venus /Pilkey, Dav,
Circle unbroken :Raven, Margot Theis
The prairie fire /Reynolds, Marilynn,
Drawing dinosaurs /Sánchez, Isidro,
Painting and coloring dinosaurs /Sánchez, Isidro,
Tiling complete :Schweit, Michael,
The not-so-jolly roger /Scieszka, Jon
Tut, tut /Scieszka, Jon,
2095 /Scieszka, Jon.
Knights of the kitchen table /Scieszka, Jon.
Your mother was a Neanderthal /Scieszka, Jon.
See you later, gladiator /Scieszka, Jon.
Me oh Maya /Scieszka, Jon.
Lost sloth /Seibold, J.otto.
Bomb :Sheinkin, Steve.
Bigfoot and other strange beasts /Shone, Rob.
The Unseen /Snyder, Zilpha Keatley.
Every breath /Sparks, Nicholas
So you want to be an inventor? /St. George, Judith,
So you want to be an explorer? /St. George, Judith,
Bard of Avon :Stanley, Diane.
There goes Ted Williams :Tavares, Matt.
Becoming Babe Ruth /Tavares, Matt.
Mudball /Tavares, Matt.
Hadley Beckett’s next dish /Turner, Bethany,
The wretched stone /Van Allsburg, Chris.
20,001 names for baby /Wallace, Carol,
Sharks in the time of saviors /Washburn, Kawai Strong,
Big summer :Weiner, Jennifer,
Future of the time dragon /West, Tracey,
Land of the spring dragon /West, Tracey,
Leaves of grass /Whitman, Walt,
Korean dream : a vision for a unified Korea
Naruto the movie.