Special Meeting of the Library Trustees – Minutes – June 25, 2014


Present: Elizabeth Carney, Carl Ellis, Jane Pincus, Don Breivogel-Williams, Ryan Zajac, Library Director

#1: Posting of announcements for Library meetings & for subsequent meeting minutes. In order to comply with the new posting rules which come into effect July 1st, 2014, the Trustees,
after a considered discussion, decided that meeting announcements and Library minutes will be placed on the Library website, at the Town Clerk’s office, and at the Post Office.
#2: Contract for part-time assistant: The Trustees reviewed and approved a description of the major responsibilities & duties of the Library Director, which stipulates that he is empowered to do the hiring, supervision and training of any personnel. The Trustees were notified that Lisa Ewald will be the Library assistant. She starts at 8 hrs. per week, at $10.50 n hour, for 52 weeks. We are in agreement with the description of the agreement signed between Ryan and Lisa.
The meeting ended at 5:30

Trustees Meeting Minutes, June 10th, 2014

ROXBURY FREE LIBRARY Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, June 10th, 2014

Present: Elizabeth Carney, Donald Breivogel-Williams, Carl Ellis, Jane
Pincus, Ryan Zajac Absent: Sandra Carrillo
Minutes were accepted as written.
Treasurer’s Report, accepted as offered.
Library Director’s Report: See attached.

Upcoming Appreciation Luncheon for Volunteers: Ryan, appetizers;
Betty dessert, salads; Don, drinks; Jane, main dish; Carl, stir fry.
Vision Statement: Has been rewritten and approved. It will be signed in

Work on Logo: Deferred

July 4th Book and Bake Sale: Everyone has a list. It will be set up
Thursday night, and take place from 9 am to 3 pm Saturday. Jane and
Betty will be selling desserts in the firehouse, and Ryan and Joan will be
with the books at the Community Center.