Champlain Valley Fair Read & Win Program

June, July, and August 2023

What: An incentive program for students in grades K-8 to read at least three books during summer vacation, win a ribbon, and FREE one-time admission to the Champlain Valley Fair.

Where: Roxbury Free Library.

When: Program runs June 19 through August 15, 2023 (8 weeks). Fair Dates are August 25 – September 3.

How: Students register at the RFL.

How it works:

1. Librarians give participating students a voucher slip when they check out their first book.

2. Students take voucher home and upon completion of reading three or more books, a parent/guardian signs the voucher.

3. Students bring the voucher back to librarian who gives the student a Read & Win ribbon. The ribbon gives the student FREE one-time admission to the Champlain Valley Fair.

4. Students should wear the ribbon for Free admission to the Fair.

5. Students will receive a free book of their choosing AND a Strates’ Shows ride ticket AND a complimentary ice cream.