RFL Tennis Program

The camp staff have given us permission to get RFL users onto their courts now that the summer camp season has concluded. We’re sorry it will be short this year, but we hope some of you will still be interested in taking advantage of the program while the nets remain up. A couple of notes on this abbreviated offering. First, the benefit of waiting this long is that the only courts available to us for use are the best ones in the camp! (the red clay courts at the north end of camp) Also, since we’re not sure when the nets will come down and what the weather will be like between now and then, we are happy to accept a donation amount you feel is appropriate for your expected use of the courts. An enrollment form is linked below for your use if you are interested in participating this fall. The form has the expectations for parking, court usage etc… We hope this opportunity will still work for some of you and wish you plenty of fun in your evening games. Please be in touch with any questions, RFL Staff

RFL Tennis Program Enrollment Form